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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Roxanne's Mug

4 X 4
oil on panel
Happy New Year everyone!  Hilton Head Gang member, Roxanne Duke, has the distinction of being the first mug of 2012!  I loved the challenge of her rimless glasses and chose to not stay true to the photo in which her eyes were quite shadowed.  She has beautiful eyes that deserve to be accented.  Roxanne's paintings can be viewed here.

These mini portraits have been so much fun, and they're going so fast now, I'm thinking I may start doing family and friend's minis to be displayed together.  I'll add this to my "think about it" list.  I can't believe there was a time I suffered from painter's block - straining to come up with a subject.  There are so many ideas I want to get to, let alone the two projects on various easels right now.  I'm looking forward to posting more paintings besides the little mugs this year.  I better add resolutions to my list as well.


  1. I love how you did her eyes. Great job.
    Mini portraits of family and friends is a good idea. So many ideas. My "A-List" folder on my desktop is overflowing!

  2. Great mug, Terri! Yes, the glasses were quite a challenge, but you absolutely nailed them!
    I love the way you handle lips (in all your mugs). Happy 2012!

  3. I am constantly do such a good job especially considering it is such a small painting. Love the way you painted the glasses and her eyes. Glasses are such a challenge for me.

    I have such a long list of things to paint it boggles my mind. And I am still out taking pictures for more inspiration! It is just such fun!

  4. Cathy, Regula, Maria, and Jennifer - thanks very much. I so value our community of friendship and support.

  5. Everyone is doing such a great job!! Your portrait is wonderful!!
    Happy new year!!

  6. Linda, thanks so much and same to you!

  7. Terri, Another amazing job! I am awed by your talent -- just wonderful!

  8. Linda - thank you for your generous praise.