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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Dixie Chick

5 X 7
Oil on panel
  My friend Mona is a bone fide southern belle from New Orleans.  She is here in her element, sitting in the sunshine at the water's edge in Savannah.  And thank you to her sis Carmen for letting me paint from her pile of photos from our trip last November!


  1. love her expression! She looks very happy sitting in the sun!

  2. She looks great! Love the expression on her face.

  3. Such a beautiful little painting and despite the glasses, cap and overall smallness, it's a portrait filled with character. I bet it's a good likeness, too.

  4. Once again beautiful! I have to agree about the level of detail you manage to include in this 5x7 painting. You even painted her earrings, didn't you?
    AND I love the shadow on the stone bench...

  5. A great one. You captured the expression. Wonderful job on her hands.

  6. Cathy, Maria, Shirley, Regula, and Jennifer - Thank you all for your comments! I so appreciate it!