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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Oblivious to Others

12 x 9 
oil on Centurion canvas board
Still in the Valentines mood, what better masterpiece expresses love than Klimt's "The Kiss"? I wish I could claim to be in Vienna to see the painting for myself, but not yet anyway, so this is a composite of my models and the painting.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Giclées now available

"Be Mine"
After several requests and just in time for Valentine's Day, giclées of "Be Mine" are now available. Printed on heavy watercolor paper and sized at 14 x 11. Alternate sizes can be printed on request.


Oil on canvas
24 x 24
 A loose, abstract-impressionistic rendering of a garden. I'm still getting back into the swing after a busy holiday and a season of trading flu bugs with my husband.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Letting the Day Unfold

18 x 18
oil on canvas
My friend and I took a few days to enjoy Chicago and had the great pleasure of staying at her daughter's beautiful North Central home. We were very near Lincoln Ave. in the Roscoe Village area and could walk to great restaurants, a Trader Joe's, wonderful shopping areas. And downtown was a quick Uber ride away. I caught this image while we were enjoying coffee on the porch and planning our day.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Studio View

14 x 11
pastel on board
Last week my friend Susie invited me to paint with her at her studio. The room has huge windows that overlook one of the three big rivers our city is known for. It is a lovely view although this particular day was very gray, almost devoid of color. The only real punctuation was the burnt sienna river. I opted to paint that day with pastels, a medium fairly foreign to me. I thought maybe it would be easier clean up and all together less messy since I was in someone else's space. Not. You pretty much need one for every color you want as opposed to mixing your colors in my preferred medium, oil, so they take up a ton of space and dust was everywhere, especially on me. But I liked working with them. Just looking at this painting make me realize it's January 12 and I am completely ready for spring.

Monday, January 9, 2017

figure drawing 2

5 x 7
colored pencil and ink on paper
Another drawing of the same model that was posted yesterday. This one came out of the 45 minute pose.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

figure drawing exercise

8 x 4
graphite and ink on paper
Our city is fortunate to have a community art gallery and center that offers two sessions a week with live models. Nothing is better for improving your eye and drawing skills than a short pose, usually lasting for 5 minutes. This is an example. 

Monday, December 12, 2016


18 x 14
oil on canvas
A couple of years ago my friend and I were looking for a new exercise class. We signed up for a stretch class although we wondered if it was suitable for our needs. Jumping ahead, now we look forward every week to that class and two other sessions including yoga, all taught by this amazing woman, Helen. We not only get a great workout, but have become bonded to the group of people who find laughter, support, and friendship within the communities Helen brings together. I hope I've captured her wonderful spirit with this painting.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Roanoke in October

9 x 12
oil on canvas
A paint out was held during a fall festival in nearby Roanoke, Indiana last month. I didn't get a great photo before I popped it into a frame for the competition so this isn't the best image. But on the upside, it won first place. Yay! Plein air painting still takes effort for me, but I'm really enjoying it more and very much appreciating the advantage of seeing color before it's altered and flattened out by photography.  This painting is available at Castle Gallery Fine Art

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Something New

22 x 28
Oil on canvas board
I recently had the honor of being hired to paint live at a wedding reception. It was challenging to hold back on getting "too precious" with details since there was so much activity to represent. I tried to grasp the likenesses of these lovely people the best I could so there are a lot of tiny portraits in this. It was an awesome experience. Now to get back to my bigger brushes!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fall on 5th Avenue

14 x 11
oil on canvas panel
While visiting my son in Princeton, New Jersey, we took a train into Manhattan and spent the day. The weather was perfect and warm for early November and the sun stayed out all day, giving us this display of light and shadow through the trees. Central Park is to the left and just across the street, out of view, was the stunning Guggenheim Museum. This painting is available at Castle Gallery Fine Art

Friday, November 11, 2016

Welcome Downtown

16 x 20
oil on canvas
I haven't been posting much, just having a lovely but busy summer and fall, so I'm going to try to catch up a bit over the next few days. This is my city, painted from a photo I took while my husband was driving. I was experimenting with a new camera which I clearly did not have on the right setting to avoid the blur, but then I liked it. I think the painting captured that feeling of dynamic activity and potential I always feel when coming into downtown. This was for an Indiana Bicentennial invitational exhibit held this summer at Artlink Gallery.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Facing Fall in July

9 x 12
oil on linen panel
Although there's nothing autumnal about this scene, painted plein air on a very hot July day,  it is so named since I was facing the Fall Pavilion in the beautiful Calendar Garden of The DeFries Garden in New Paris, Indiana. The garden is divided into the fourths, encircling this lily ladened koi pond with lovely little buildings and seasonal flowers to glorify each of the four seasons. It's also marked with each month of the year and the brick walkway is imprinted with each day plus holidays.  For details, visit the garden's designer Jon Cutrell's Flickr page by clicking here. Two artist friends and I painted in this paradise last week and though it's over an hour away, I was so impressed, I drug my husband back there yesterday so he could admire it as well, gardener that he is. It's no wonder it's a popular destination for weddings and other events. We thoroughly enjoyed the visit and the drive and I'll be painting for quite awhile from the many photos I took.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Bass Mansion and St.Francis Gardens in Spring

14 x 11
oil on linen
The magnificient old Bass Mansion on the grounds of the University of Saint Francis with the spring flowers in full bloom. It is a spectacular structure and is now the centerpiece of the university. There is a beautiful pond just behind it, complete with swans.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Back Yards

12 x 9
oil on canvas
Still trying to get some exercise for those plein air muscles but this one was done from a photo taken in Yellow Springs, Ohio during the Tim Horn workshop. I did, however, paint it fast, as if I was working outside and had to make decisions and strokes quickly. All in, it took about 90 minutes. 

Last night was the artist's reception for a juried exhibit held annually, called Ventures in Creativity. It's always fun event since most of the artists are known around Indiana and largely from here in Fort Wayne. I entered four that were all accepted, which of course made me very happy, but that was nothing compared to how I felt when they announced the winners. My self portrait, "Selfie in a Pink Hat" won Best of Show. What a rush. So a big THANK YOU to judge Lynn Dunbar who came up from Louisville Kentucky to be the juror for this event. Here, again is the painting...
"Selfie in a Pink Hat"
Woo Hoo!!!