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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

study of Nick

Pastel on Pastelmat
     Another attempt at using PanPastels, highlighted with stick pastels.  Loved the surface and tooth of Pastelmat.  I could work it further but thought I'd leave well enough alone for this study.
     I've spent too much time away from painting and other artwork which is made apparent by the great gaps in postings on this blog.  So I'm going out on the limb with an early resolution to be more artfully productive, grow and practice more in this discipline,  and to make regular postings in 2011.  One thing I'm tremendously excited about is a workshop scheduled for early November but more on that later!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Present 1

Stained Glass
12 x 16
     Forgive the poor centering but how do you take a photo of a mirror without being part of the picture?   This is a gift for my husband, a stained glass, mosaic framed mirror.  There are bits of dichroic glass that add a remarkably pretty highlight.

Just Waiting

 Pastel on Strathmore paper
12" x 18"

      After reading about Pan Pastels in  Kari Tirrell's blog, I got curious and bought some to try.  I'm pretty under experienced with this medium although I love a well rendered pastel painting.  So this is the first crack at trying Pan Pastels along with traditional soft sticks.  This is Priscilla,who was featured in my very first posting in oil.  It's from a perhaps awkward perspective, looking down on her while she was waiting for a flight.  She is remarkably petite, but it does appear that her hips are a vanishing point.  Actually, at size 0, they sort of are.