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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just Waiting

 Pastel on Strathmore paper
12" x 18"

      After reading about Pan Pastels in  Kari Tirrell's blog, I got curious and bought some to try.  I'm pretty under experienced with this medium although I love a well rendered pastel painting.  So this is the first crack at trying Pan Pastels along with traditional soft sticks.  This is Priscilla,who was featured in my very first posting in oil.  It's from a perhaps awkward perspective, looking down on her while she was waiting for a flight.  She is remarkably petite, but it does appear that her hips are a vanishing point.  Actually, at size 0, they sort of are.


  1. Looks great, Terri! I'm glad you are having fun with the Pans. They work so well on Pastelmat, give that a try if you get the chance. Happy holidays!

  2. Thanks Kari! I am finishing up another portrait of my son on the Pastelmat and you're right - it's a great surface. You should get a finder's fee for your advertising!