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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Linda's Mug

4 X 4
Oil on panel
And here's another "mug shot" of one of my classmates from the Hilton Head gang.  Finding time to paint is always tricky but this week has been a killer, between my regular schedule plus mandatory extra shifts at my job, and Christmas decorating.  Tonight after work, I started in on this little mug of artist Linda Popple and determined to get it done no matter what.  I could have tweaked it a little more but here it is.  For all the mugs by all the Hilton Head gang, go to Maria Hock's blog site.  Maria's challenge has been to do a mug a week and I'm hoping to keep up with it although it's going to be a hectic and joyful month.  I'm looking forward to making up for lost time with my son who is several states away in grad school but will be home for Christmas.  And of course, nothing is more important than that!