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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Regula's Mug

6 X 6
oil on panel
Regula, my highly informative and talented Hilton Head workshop-mate, is this week's chosen one to be gang painted. She tried to look rough for her photo but I'm sorry girl, you just don't pull off mean.  And I tried, but I just can't make you look mean - not with those beautiful eyes of yours!  To see all the entries from our group for Regula's as well as Karin's mugs, as they come in, go to Maria Hock's blog site where she has set up a slide show.  Also,  check out the object of our workshop and our affection, Karin Jurick and her blog.  She's joining in on this little project for us to do all our mugs, one mug per week.