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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Left My Brain in Hilton Head

 Maybe that's overstating it a bit, but to say I left part of my subconscious is a little too obscure, and my heart is firmly planted between Indiana with my husband and cat, and in Texas with my boy Nick.  However, since receiving a disc of photos in the mail from one of my dear travel buddies, I've definitely been letting my daydreams carry me back to that lovely vacation in South Carolina.   And although it's been a month since we were there, I thought I'd share some moments.   And so here I am, supplies packed precariously in shopping bags, on my way in to the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina for my first day of the Karin Jurick Workshop.  I was crazy excited.
 And this is inside, actually into the second day there.  We had all abandoned our workstations to cluster around Karin and watch her paint, always a highlight of each day.  That's my spot in the foreground.  Later that day I bought one of Brett's Tabletop Easels and have been happily using it ever since. 
This was a typical moment in which we were held in rapt attention during one of Karin's demos which is clearly not only informative but highly entertaining.  The girl is hilarious.

The Three Graces
My posse, my travel companions, my friends - Carmen, Susie, and Mona.  Here we are on the beach in front of our condo.  It was a little chilly but gorgeous, which called for a toast. 
 In the Presence of Artistic Greatness
A statement that could apply to both, my friend, artist Susie Suraci and to Karin Jurick  who's paintings we're enjoying here at the Morris & Whiteside Gallery.   The week was incredible, filled with art, ocean, good food, good wine,with side trips to Savannah and Bluffton and wonderful time spent with wonderful people.  It exceeded whatever I had imagined to experience when I signed up for the workshop. 


  1. Hi Terri - having been your studio neighbor during this amazing workshop I can attest that there was no brain matter left on your workbench - gray, horizon blue, radiant violet or any other color ;-) !

    I too keep thinking about Hilton Head and the Gang, and I truly miss you all. Wish we could just meet up again in a few months time...

    But at least we have the cyber world to keep in contact! And you mug will be painted as well, just wait you turn....

    take care,

  2. So many wonderful memories flooded my brain as I looked at these photos. It was a great I have ever attended and I must say Karin Jurick has set the bar very high. I love that we are staying connected through the mugs...I pull one out of a hat every week...just to be fair...We will see who is the most notorious this week! Thanks for sharing the pix!

  3. Loved seeing your photos! And like Regula and Maria they brought back many, many fantastic memories of that wonderful week. So many times people will say to stay in touch, but life back home will take over. This time we are staying connected and I LOVE that!! :-D

  4. Yes it's wonderful that friendships and support have continued long after the workshop ended. I so appreciate you all!

  5. Because of you and the others who signed up for Hilton Head's workshop, my dreams came true. It was an amazing week. I'm so grateful.

    Paint ON!

  6. Karin - You're the nucleus! And a continuous inspiration so thank YOU!

  7. Terri, I'm just seeing these photos for the first time -- they are excellent! I so enjoyed meeting you and painting together at Karin's workshop. Let me know if you visit Hilton Head again. Take care.