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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Good Eeevening

6 x 6
oil on Ampersand panel
This was just too much fun. My nephew Michael does voice work and had entered a contest doing impersonations. When I saw his video, I thought he must have had a crew doing cool lighting effects but he told me he simply held a flashlight under his chin.  He was doing a reading in a Vincent Price voice and it was effective! AND he almost won! Something else he clarified to my great relief, was that he was wearing a wig.  The boy is actually young and blonde.  This was done from a screen shot of the video with Michael's permission.


  1. well how cool is that. You all must have been swimming in the talent end of the gene pool. Love this. My daughter suggested if I wanted to paint people, maybe I should paint people I don't know, like the faces in picture frames or magazines. What do you think about that idea. I love the color in this and the feel of it.

  2. Thanks Sharon! On behalf of me and my family! I'll email you some thoughts and references regarding portraits!

  3. Wow, really intense, what a mood you have created here. What a knack you have...