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Saturday, March 2, 2013

I'm All Ears

 6 x 6
oil on Ampersand cradled canvas textured board

I painted this image of Kitty Pie once before on a 20 x 30 canvas, but this time condensed it onto a 
6 x 6 format to paint during the recent workshop using Dreama Tolle Perry's transparent oil technique and a much looser stroke.  It was tricky to get used to using a size 12 flat brush instead of my standby pointy size 1 or 2 on such a small painting, but again - liberating! Even with the broader strokes, I think this captures Kitty's delusion that she's a princess and we're her staff.

As with most child celebrities, she got used to having cameras in her face at an early age.  Not that she cooperates all the time, or usually, since she's, well, ...a cat.


  1. Wonderful Terri! I do like the looser stroke! Sounds like that workshop was great!

  2. Isn't it neat to find out that cats have different personalities. or Catnalities lol. We used to have one called BB, look similar to Kittie Pie. She was the mom cat around. Nice little painting.


    1. Thanks Randall! I know, cats get a bad rap but they can be as loving as faithful as dogs, or not. Ours is a pill, but we love her.

  3. I knew you would love the workshop!!! Love this one too...this new technique is really working for you!