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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mayfield Pond

10 x 10
oil on canvas
On my last visit to Austin, Texas, we went to Mayfield Park and Preserves.  The park is a beautiful, scenic two acres that include flower gardens, six of these lily filled ponds, and most notably, peacocks.  Peacocks are walking around everywhere, spreading out their gorgeous feathers and letting you come up close to photograph them.  The ponds are really pretty with their white, pink, and fuchsia flowers and are home to lots of fish and turtles.  Then there is an additional 21 acres of preserves used as a wildlife habitat that visitors can hike.  
I so love painting while I'm listening to podcasts of Artists Helping Artists.  If you're not familiar with it, click on it or you can access it through the iTunes store to subscribe. The program always provides helpful and practical advice to artists, interviews with professional artists, tips on managing your business, marketing strategies, and just about any topic of interest. I just love it. 
It's hosted by Leslie Saeta who is also hosting a challenge to artists to paint every day and post it on her blog found here

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