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Monday, March 12, 2012

Judy's Mug

4 X 4
oil on panel
Our Mug of the week is of talented and prolific artist Judy Elias.  We are so close to finishing all the members of the Hilton Head Gang Mugs now with only a month to go. This project has been not only a great exercise and way to keep in touch with this wonderful group of people, but has developed into a support group, and an ongoing educational forum.  I'm so lucky to count them all as friends. 


  1. Owww - great look! Love the way she holds her head high, and the almost-smile she has... I'll be sorry to see this challenge come to a close since I'll miss your mugs. You know, we could just start over again???

  2. Love this always so such an nice job and the angle on Judy was a challenge in itself. I have loved this series and have learned so very much...not to mention the friendship with such a wonderful group of artists.

  3. Awesome job! You really nailed it. She has such a great expression. I'll miss this when it's over also. I like Regula's suggestion about starting over. Or maybe I'll just start working on friends and family within my reach.

  4. You have captured a real personailty here. I always enjoy seeing what you come up with. Great job.

  5. YOu have a real knack for portraits. Wonderful, individual character in each one. Congrats!