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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cathy's Mug

4 X 4
oil on panel
The weeks are flying by so fast - I can't believe we're on our thirteenth little mug shot of the Hilton Head Gang.  Some of the portraits really click and on others, I just can't win.  Happily, Cathy clicked and this one turned out among my favorites.  Artist Cathy Engberg is from Chicago (my kind of town), which makes her practically a neighbor!  You can see her work on her blog Color Notes .  I was so blessed to meet Cathy and all our classmates last November in Karin Jurick's workshop.  They are an energetic, supportive, and talented group of women who have all become treasured friends.  All of their links that are available, are listed in the bottom right corner of this blog.