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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Arrangement in Vermillion and Green

12 x 12
oil on panel
This painting came out of a need to harness these gorgeous colors. It began with the little bouquet from our yard plopped into the green Ball jar and a stack of fabrics I bought to make pillows for our patio furniture. I was captivated by the sight of those colors together and started gathering anything that might play off that palette. I really wanted to add a tiny baby doll that I've kept from childhood, but I'll save her for another time. I arranged about 50 different poses with all kinds of props before settling on this one that includes my grandmother's old banjo-uke, my aunt's cut glass bowl, and the rose colored wine glass and applique hankie I found at a rummage sale. I absolutely loved painting this, especially in air conditioning. 

I've been investing a lot of time trying to up my game in plein air. It takes an entirely new set of skills and I'm acutely aware of just how much of a novice I am at painting from life outside. But it's been fun in spite of the sunburns, mosquito bites, and other mishaps, such as when the wind picked up my entire easel, along with the painting, paints, brushes, and solvents, and blew it all into a pond. The fun part includes a paint out where my painting sold right of my easel and a fantastic workshop with Tim Horn.

Here are a few shots from that amazing time with Tim. It was held in a charming college town, Yellow Springs, Ohio, and was attended by the nicest bunch of folks I could hope for. We bonded together over our shared passion for art, especially Tim's, and after painting all day, would meet up each night for margaritas and dinner in town. Unfortunately, we never got a group shot.
Tim with one of his incredible demos. I wish so much now that I'd bought this one.
My effort on the last day. A painting of the home of Tim's friend, Branson Pyles.
Me and Tim at the end of the day with temps in the 90's. Still happy.


  1. Terri,
    Thank you for sharing your step-up for your amazing !still-life. I sometimes take so long setting up a still life that I lose my enthusiasm! But yours is stunning, and also a wonderful keepsake.
    I have wanted to attend a workshop with Tim Horn for sometime, so Good for You! He just has to have a workshop where there aren't any bugs!!

  2. Thank you Jacklyn. I know, the prep work is a chore until everything clicks together. We all want to just sit down and get to the fun stuff!

    Tim is absolutely worth whatever effort it takes to get to him! Just seeing him work was great. It was attending fireworks in that he would lay down a stroke and we'd all go, "Ooohhh!"