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Friday, March 6, 2015

Life Drawings

Last week I attended a life drawing session hosted by Artlink Gallery. It has been a very long time since I've had the opportunity to draw a live, nude model and I expected it to be a challenging evening. A friend had said it would come back to me like riding a bicycle and happily, she was right. I'm hoping to do this more often and to improve these skills. These drawings were done with a mix of pencils I brought along including pastel, Prismacolor, and a range of leads. They weren't an ideal mix, so next time I'll know to use more congruent materials.

It was good to become reacquainted with what different effects you get with various paper textures and the soft and hard pencils. The entire session was three hours during which the model gave us five, thirty, and forty minute poses.  All three of these poses were held for approximately 40 minutes and the time flew by.   


  1. Terri, these are amazing! I think I'm always saying that about your work. I need a new word! I can't believe that you haven't been doing this every day of your life! Really wonderful. It's so nice you have places like that you can go and draw from a model. I am very rusty with that right now.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful sketches!

  2. Oh Cathy, thank you! You are such an encouragement!