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Monday, October 13, 2014

Fun in Kentucky with Dreama

8 x 8
oil on panel
 9 x 12
oil on panel
 12 x 12
oil on panel
I'm just back from another great workshop with Dreama Tolle Perry, this time held in Lexington, Kentucky. The weather on the drive down was less than auspicious, pelting me with wind and rain all the way from Indiana, through Ohio, and into Kentucky. And shortly after settling into my hotel, tornado warnings began for Lexington and the counties surrounding it and continued well into the night. This was the view from my room. The block of buildings impressively lit up by the setting sun, was where the workshop was held.
Happily, the ominous weather of my arrival day cleared up beautifully by the next day and remained fine for the next three days of the workshop.

Dreama is a treasure and her workshop was in every way, as inspiring and informative as I remembered. Additionally, it was a pleasure to be in the company of the lovely women who also attended. Every one of us were in love with painting and reveled in the experience.

The two paintings with the geraniums were done from photos provided by Dreama to the entire class, from which she demonstrated her techniques. The cat painting is from my own reference of our  Kitty Pie.


  1. Terri,
    I love hearing about your workshop with Dreama. Though the drive down there sounded a bit rough, the rest of the time sounds like a great experience. She is on my list of workshops to take someday.

    These paintings are great! I love all your work!

    1. Cathy thank you! It was totally worth braving a tornado for!

  2. Lucky you another Dreama workshop!! Love the beautiful kitty painting. I have to try a take her workshop again.