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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Congress Avenue Bridge

oil on canvas
24 x 30

I think I need a new camera or else a new computer. No matter what device I used to photograph this painting, it just didn't translate the image optimally. I am happy with how the painting turned out. It was a vehicle to accomplish two things I wanted to do, to paint water and to paint big with a big brush! I like how painting big is very physical. I really get my shoulders into it and oddly, my legs. I had a little dance step at times that went, stroke, back step, stroke, back step, stroke... 

This is of the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, Texas. Also known as "the bat bridge", named for the gazillion bats that live under it by day and come pouring out and up each evening, en masse, to eat little Texan bugs. It's reason enough to have big nightly parties with the hundreds of people that come out to enjoy the show, seriously, every night throughout the summer. In this view, we were sitting along the river's edge in the shadows of the trees and the sun was setting behind us casting that gorgeous peachy cast on the skyline beyond the bridge. I didn't include the throngs of people that crowded along the railing of the bridge, nor the parade of kayaks, row boats, paddle boats, swan boats, tour boats, and other flotilla that added to the festive atmosphere. Just one of the many, many charms of Austin.

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