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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Detail 3, Paul

oil on canvas

The most recent addition to my large painting celebrating friends and family within our musical community. This is Paul, who I've mentioned is an amazing banjo, guitar, and dobro player, and master woodworker/carpenter and is married to Mona! Mona has been a frequent subject and was the first "detail" completed for this project.

Here's a video of Paul performing a tune he wrote. Go to You Tube for more! If you're viewing this from your phone, click on this link to see the video.


  1. Terri,
    Your friends and family must be so honored to be painted by you!
    Your work is amazing!

  2. Again simply amazing! I'm so looking forward to seeing each new piece of this great 'puzzle' evolve.
    Oh, and first some drinks, now music - I want to be in this painting, too!

  3. Another great likeness, Terri! I am really enjoying following along with your amazing project. Through your work, I feel like I'm getting to know your friends and family! Loved the video also. Stay warm!

  4. Beautiful Terri! Loved the video too. This is going to be a spectacular piece when you get done!