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Thursday, August 22, 2013


16 x 20
oil on canvas
This is a painting of blue ball jars and vases and our back yard as viewed through all that beautiful turquoise glass.  I sat them on a mirror in front of a window and loved the effect.  Then had to recreate the whole thing later with the Gerber Daisies which were added for the color pop.


  1. This is incredible Terri! Beautiful! I wish I could see this one in person. I just love it, and the gerber daisies are just the right touch. Nice!

  2. Thanks Cathy! I don't do a lot of still lifes but I totally enjoyed this process. I just kept thinking "what would Janet Fish do"!

  3. This is fabulous, Terri! Very impressive...

  4. Thank you Meredith. I do appreciate it!

  5. This is amazing! You are so talented, my friend. Also, I like your reference to Janet Fish!

  6. What a challenging set up! You did an amazing job with all that glass and reflection. Clever idea! Thanks for your comment on my TX painting. Yes, we both like going to TX, don't we!