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Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Good Life

8 x 11
oil on canvas
This was an impulse painting from an old photo taken of one of my dearest friends several years ago while hiking.  She had written "The Good Life" on the back, so that's what I called the painting.  I didn't try to capture her likeness, I was really chasing the challenge of conveying the energy and colors of this beautiful stream.


  1. Terri,
    I think you really captured the feeling of the moment! Beautiful spot! She looks like a hiker taking a break in a relaxing cool spot! Love how you painted the water and rocks!

  2. Love the feeling of this piece. As Cathy really captured the moment.

  3. Thank you so much Cathy and Maria. I appreciate it!

  4. You should post some work in progress photos some time. I would really like to see your process. Great painting. I want to be sitting on that rock right about now.

    1. Lisa I couldn't agree more. Who couldn't use a little beautiful mountain stream time!

  5. My goodness, Terri... this is beautiful for an "impulse" painting! Love that splash of water hitting the rock, and the title.