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Friday, May 10, 2013


10 x 20
oil on canvas
This lovely young woman is one of my co-workers who graciously agreed to model for me.  We chose a day she was available that just happened to be a perfectly beautiful day.  I'm so happy with the cooperative sunlight and shadows - just what I was hoping for.   And I'm equally grateful that, as much as I tried and nearly succeeded, I didn't fall into this fountain while I was setting up her pose.  The title of this painting refers to the subject more than the wonderful sunlight. Emily thank you.  You are beautiful inside and out.


  1. Love your composition! She looks very lovely. You got lucky with this sunshine! Made for some great shadows.

  2. Thanks Cathy! Even now I see things I think I should tweak but I think there's a point where you just have to leave it alone.

  3. What a wonderful painting! I love the format and the almost graphic layout, the green on top, the shadow and how it gets ligther at the bottom.... But most of all I love how you caught your friends smile. Definitely radiant!

  4. Hi Regula! Thank you so much. How nice that you got to visit Maria. One of these days it would be nice to have a HH class reunion!