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Sunday, October 21, 2012


8 x 10
Oil on panel

I've had a long dry spell from painting throughout the summer and fall, due mostly to being too tired after work and too busy catching up with other things on days off.  Happily, starting this week, I have taken a new position that enables me to cut way back on my hours to the point I am considering myself semi retired, at least for now.  It's so exciting to have time for friends and spontaneity and ART!  To kick it off - I did this little painting for a friend of her sweet baby girl, Sydney, to go with one I did of her big brother a couple of years ago when he was about this age. 


  1. A lovely baby! I hope you'll now have the leisure to paint, because your painting is so worthwhile, I especially like your portraits.
    Bravo, Terri, have a good week!

  2. Glad you are back to painting!!! Such a beautiful little girl...her eyes are joyful! Love it!

  3. That's great news, Terri!
    I've missed seeing your wonderful paintings online. Sidney is gorgeous and her mouth... Perfect!